House Church Mission

“Our desire is to provide a safe place for healing, equipping, and releasing of people to impact our city, our nation, and our world through the empowerment and leading of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and Holy Spirit.

We have four main values: to seek, to experience, to know, and to act. We seek to continually hear God’s voice, to seek His face and continually rest in His presence, and to seek intimacy and grow in deeper revelation of the love relationship with the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. We want to experience and encounter the life changing love of the Father, the moving of Holy Spirit, and to see restoration and renewal of the heart, mind, body, and soul through encounters with the living God. It is our desire to know and grow into the heart knowledge of love as a true child of the King, and to know the desire of the Father’s heart for our lives to experience life changing revelation. With the intimacy we gain and the identity we grow, we want to be able to act and respond to the moving of Holy Spirit and to the voice of God, allowing the Kingdom to be extended through the equipping, empowering and anointing brought forth. To take the revelation of love revealed through the Lord Jesus Christ and to make it manifest in all we do, especially to reach a broken and dying world.

We are a Community…..

We believe that loving and mutually supportive relationships are in the foundations of everything on which we build. Our primary goal is to build relationships, not structure. From the foundation of relationships, we believe the Kingdom will be built. Our goal is not to build a church. Our goal is to build people. Through this, these people will go forth and impact the Kingdom of God (the real church). We believe in the ‘catch and release’ method of church growth. Several years ago, God told Ann we are to have a catch and release ministry. Freely people will come, freely they will go. We know that as we release, God will bring others into the ministry. As shepherds, we tend to, but do not own the sheep. God does. We have no claim on people. All of this relies on open communication between each of us and between us and God. We believe in strong communications where people discuss their issues and work out their differences in loving supportive relationships. And finally, we believe in training and equipping for their lives and to be all they were made to be. Through relationships with people, training and equipping needs will be identified, and material and curriculum will be sourced or created to meet the need.

….. that is spiritually minded….

Worship is one of the key elements of this Ministry. It is the beginning and the end of everything we do. To lift up praise and worship to the King of Kings and to have that worship relationship with him is perhaps our strongest desire. There is also a strong need and desire for prayer. We believe that a strong foundation of prayer and intercession is essential to the ministry. Prophecy and discernment are also important keys. It is essential that we become a discerning people, like the Sons of Issachar to determine the times and seasons of God. To this end we desire to raise up a people who can use the gifts of prophecy and discernment. We also desire to deliver spiritually inspired teaching. We believe in teaching the body, led by God and His word, inspired and life impacting material that will bring healing and release to people.

….. raising up and releasing people…

The ground is level at the foot of the cross. We believe in equality for all believers and that no one is above another based on calling, gift, title, or ability. We believe in a team leadership model where everyone is encouraged and expected to use the gifts they have been given. We believe that all are called by God, and our goal will be to discover the gifts and talents in each person and to call them into their full potential and ministries in the Lord. We believe in the priesthood of believers, where everyone is called to ministry, and accountability and operating as a team are essential to forwarding the Kingdom. With these beliefs in mind, our goal is to pour everything we have into the people God brings to us to see them come into their full potential, then to release them. We expect that as we raise up and bring people into their potential, our gathering will be a small part of what is going on in their lives. We expect ministry opportunities such as missions, teaching opportunities, conferences, and all other expressions will open for everyone. Our gathering will be a hub where people will be coming and going as they move out into the body to be Kingdom shakers.

to our community and beyond.

We are preparing for the harvest. We believe we will be used by God to affect our community, our Province, our region, and our Country for revival. We believe God will use us to affect nations. There is a strong heart in our community to use the wealth we have been given to support children in underdeveloped countries.”

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    Song of Solomon
    Please join us as Mike Bickle (via the internet) takes us on a twelve week journey through the Song of Solomon. Tuesday mornings at 10:00, starting Oct 18th. All welcome, no fee but a free will offering will be accepted.

    Going to Alaska!
    Jim and Ann Sutherland have been asked to travel to Barrow, Alaska for teaching and ministry with the wonderful people of Northwind Ministries. The trip will be in January, so please pray for travelling mercies!
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