House Church Guidelines

Still Waters is a house church which operates in a manner that many people may not be used to seeing or taking part in. It is not a one or two person show where everyone sits and listens, but a dynamic and open group where all are accepted and encouraged to participate. We feel all are called to ‘be the church’ instead of just simply doing church.

With this in mind, here are some points that help explain how we meet. As you read, you will find that each supports the others rather than being just individual parts.

As you join us in our time, we encourage you to enter in and take part in the community you see. We hope and pray your time here will be both fruitful and enjoyable.

Accountability – “I will share ownership of the group as I and everyone are ministers”

Participation – “I will actively participate.”

Affirmation – “I will show support and encourage growth in others.”

Confidentiality – “What I hear and say stays here.”

Listening – “I will listen more than I talk.”

Self-Awareness – “I will try and not be triggered, nor will I shut other’s down.”

Vulnerability – “I will be real about my feelings and my walk, and encourage others to be the same without preaching or solving their problems for them.”

Conflict – “I won’t be hurt if someone disagrees or I don’t get my own way.”

Communication – “I will be open and honest in my communication, assuming nothing, remembering that it takes two for a conversation to happen.”

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    Song of Solomon
    Please join us as Mike Bickle (via the internet) takes us on a twelve week journey through the Song of Solomon. Tuesday mornings at 10:00, starting Oct 18th. All welcome, no fee but a free will offering will be accepted.

    Going to Alaska!
    Jim and Ann Sutherland have been asked to travel to Barrow, Alaska for teaching and ministry with the wonderful people of Northwind Ministries. The trip will be in January, so please pray for travelling mercies!
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