Dear Anne and Jim,

When I attended the first healing weekends in June 2010 I was at the end of my rope I no longer wanted to live in Pictou county or with my husband Vince. I had no hope for the future and no vision. I left feeling that God wanted to make a change and anything was possible.

I couldn’t wait for the second one in July. When Ann was talking about the spirit of death, my heart started to pound and God said to me to interrupt Anne and ask her to pray for me.

I haven’t felt this way towards him for many years.

He said we were going to deal with this right now. She prayed and it left. For years I lived with thoughts and plans of suicide, no hope for the future, and a desire for an early death. I no longer desire those things.

In August there was a major change in Vince. I saw him become sensitive to the spirit and sensitive to everything around him. He lived in numb-numb land for a long time. He is now very different and comes to me to pray for things God puts on his mind. I am now in love again with the man God has chosen for me. I haven’t felt this way towards him for many years.

Years ago, God had told me that when Vince and I started to pray together that we would be an effective force. Over the summer I have started to see this happen. Our four boys have become closer because of reconciliation and forgiveness. They commented on the changes in us and were receptive to us. I am seeing everything I ever desired coming about within my family and am amazed at how quickly God put it into motion.

Everyone in their walk with God needs healing. We can’t get out of our ruts or move ahead without it. I highly recommend it on a regular basis. I thank you, Ann and Jim, for your ministry. You truly are being used as life savers in the kingdom. I will always be thankful and grateful for your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

Free at last,
Francine Owens

I have grown greatly in my walk with the Lord through the course “Prayers that Heal the Heart.” Through what was taught I have addressed instances of unforgiveness and hurts along the way, which have restricted my ongoing quest of taking my place in the body of Christ. Further, I am on my way to being able to help others, by the Holy Spirit, to identify and address their own obstacles. May you be blessed.

George Christensen

When I was made to come face to face with my anger, while taking Jim and Anne’s Course, I realized that this anger stemmed from my early childhood in the form of fear.

In order to overcome my fear which was affecting my everyday life, I had to face this fear: First thing that happened to me was that I was brought back to when I was a child of 5 years of age. That was when I was taken from my home after the death of my mother, and put in an orphanage, under the authority of Catholic Sisters.

There I felt what fear was all about, and it became a part of my life. I was made to go back in time in my life and face this fear (which was fearful in itself), but when I faced the Sister in authority with God holding my hand ( I envisioned Him beside me holding on to me and looking down at me) my fear that had me bound all these years was gone. I AM NOW SET FREE.

Jim Connors

The time I have spent in ministry with Ann and Jim as well as in the healing courses Ann has taught has brought much healing to my heart and mind and therefore has given me more freedom to love myself as well as my family more deeply. I have been learning more about how God sees me and how much He loves me which has radically altered my ability to love Him as my Father and Friend. And Healer. Also, through the books Ann used in the classes, and with doing the homework each week, I was able to learn how to use the healing prayers on my own and now with one other person, hopefully with many more!! I thank God for the depth of compassion that beats in their hearts to participate in the healing of the Bride of Jesus Christ!!

BL from Halifax, NS

There were many wonderful years of soaking in the Lord’s healing presence in Ann and Jim’s home and much ministering to through the love and power of the Holy Spirit. Many invitations came from Ann to join her at conferences and private ministry sessions. I refused them all not because they weren’t necessary as my life was troubled with earlier multiple marriages before coming into the Kingdom, and most recently the legal disinheritance by my mother and my sister, a most painful part of my journey. As a widow of many years I had managed to isolate and protect myself from situations I thought would stress and derail me. Many fears assailed me. How could I cope sleeping in a room with others, the inconvenience and the fear of being overwhelmed by the experience? Finally I sought and received numerous private healing sessions to get at the roots of the many issues troubling me.

I experienced fruit from the many healing sessions. Recently I travelled with a dozen women and lived with them for a week. Anything could happen to trigger me and send me into a tailspin. And things did happen but instead of falling apart I sensed the Lord’s guidance leading me through it all and I was able to enjoy the community it provided while negotiating the difficult moments. The healing ministry had provided me with the tools to engage with others rather than to shrink back. His grace was so sufficient in my weakness. The word of the Lord had become real in my circumstances.

I believe the love and care I have received from this healing ministry has allowed me to go forward. The journey of healing is ongoing.


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