We’ve Moved

2012 brought about major changes for us. In about a month we went from not thinking of moving and resigning ourselves to having our little house on Withrod Drive for many years, to having it sold and being owners of a dream house that can only be explained by saying it was God. In late May of 2012, a friend put the bug in our ear about possibly moving, and we decided the time was right. Well, we started looking and always came back to one house in Dartmouth. It was a functioning bed and breakfast and seemed to have everything we needed or wanted, but we had a lot of work to do to prep our house so we simply prayed “Lord, if this is to be, please hold the house for us.

Well, after two weeks of furious work, our house was ready for market. In less than 24 hours it was sold for more than asking, our offer was accepted on the new house, and that was that. What’s more, several serious issues could have sunk the deal, but every time an issue arose with the sale, what could have happened never did and on August 28 we moved into our new God house – 716A Waverley Road. The big bonus? The old owners left the house entirely furnished for us at no extra cost… beds, furniture, towels, linens, wall art…. the list is endless. And all for well under market value as the owners just wanted to sell quickly.

I say it is a God house because it is everything we ever wanted…. a newer house with multiple bedrooms and baths, large worship and meeting space, a den for Ann, an office for me, an art room downstairs, gardens and room to expand them, prime location, front veranda, huge backyard on a huge green belt, a night sky…. again the list goes on and on. We walked around for a month in awe of what God did for us. We still do.

Well, with the new house came other changes. In November of 2012 we met one final time with the board of Still Waters Ministries to officially dissolve it as an entity. The house church and our personal ministry goes on, but we felt led to say goodbye to the structure and rules and regulations of running an officially recognized group. We feel that for us it was restrictive and being without it allows us to give our entire focus on Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, showing them and sharing them with the people he puts in our path.

So, all this to say that Still Waters has taken a new and exciting turn in its life. The official ministry is gone, but the personal ministry continues. And God told us to continue using the name ‘Still Waters’, not as an entity but as the name of the property; a place of peace, a safe place of healing for all to come and draw from as they live their lives. 716A Waverley Road is Still Waters. The house and our walk have become one of community as we have constant guests renting and staying in the rooms, continual meetings on Thursdays and other times as we feel led. Our house has indeed become a place of still waters for many, and we pray it will continue to do so for years to come.”

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    Song of Solomon
    Please join us as Mike Bickle (via the internet) takes us on a twelve week journey through the Song of Solomon. Tuesday mornings at 10:00, starting Oct 18th. All welcome, no fee but a free will offering will be accepted.

    Going to Alaska!
    Jim and Ann Sutherland have been asked to travel to Barrow, Alaska for teaching and ministry with the wonderful people of Northwind Ministries. The trip will be in January, so please pray for travelling mercies!
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