Act 2:46  Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts….  In January, Ann and Jim were invited to Alaska to minister to people in Barrow.

You know it’s got to be God when you feel to travel to the northernmost point in the United States in the middle of frigid January! And minus 45 degree temperatures couldn’t freeze the fires inside those who were met and ministered to on this amazing trip.

We went at the invitation of some friends we had met in February of 2010 while attending a school in Kansas City. At the time, Ralph and Donna were pastoring a church in Barrow. To make a long story short, they invited us to come, but no timeline was set. Two years later, the pieces fell into place and we felt ourselves called to north of the Arctic Circle.

Our time there was very much like that spoken of in Acts 2:46. Ralph and Donna now have a small house church much like Still Waters, but the similarities didn’t stop there. Without prior knowledge or influence, it became very clear that we shared similar mission and values to these wonderfully called people of the north. And daily, we met over food and fellowship, interacting with them and pouring into their lives as they poured into and encouraged us.

We taught a full Healing School and ministered almost daily to those who came both corporately and in one on one sessions. It was wonderful to see God moving in the hearts and lives of people as we taught and ministered on forgiveness, shame, ungodly beliefs, judgements and vows, death, generational sin, sonship, and so many other life giving topics.

In all, it was a very rewarding and impacting trip. We were able to reconnect with our friends and see that we share common values and visions in the area of seeing God move through and in house churches. We met and ministered to some wonderful new friends and saw several experience God’s healing touch like never before. And we felt very much like the church spoken of in Acts is alive and well and thriving in the hearts and minds of His people.

Ann teaching
Jim between two whale jawbones
The mountains around Anchorage….

Ann and Ralph….

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    Please join us as Mike Bickle (via the internet) takes us on a twelve week journey through the Song of Solomon. Tuesday mornings at 10:00, starting Oct 18th. All welcome, no fee but a free will offering will be accepted.

    Going to Alaska!
    Jim and Ann Sutherland have been asked to travel to Barrow, Alaska for teaching and ministry with the wonderful people of Northwind Ministries. The trip will be in January, so please pray for travelling mercies!
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