Jim’s Dream

Our Vision to encourage the House Church movement Regionally

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

Years ago in our walk, the Lord began to teach us about using our home for his glory and the advancement of the kingdom of God. Jim and I have done this in one capacity or other for close to 10 years. In Sept 2010 the Lord gave Jim a dream that it was on His heart that he wanted to network houses churches all over our region and into New England. Here is an excerpt from that dream:

“I then began to speak of the No-Name Movement, a movement that we (?) had started over ten years ago and had spread to plant and connect over 250 churches in just over ten years all over Eastern Canada and New England. It was a house church type movement that put people first, and had churches as small as 12 and as big as 150 and mine wasn’t the biggest – mine had about 30 people. Some had buildings, most didn’t. Some had morphed into a traditional style church, some hadn’t.

It was a loose collective of connected fellowships that all ran independently but also along side of each other. It had been started just as one house church in my house and had grown as we decided to spin it off when it got too big. Some of the first churches were plants, some where others who heard what we were doing and wanted to be part of a larger collective than simply going at it alone.

We soon had churches all over Metro and it soon spread throughout the region and beyond. We planted some ourselves, others we helped people plant, others were plants of plants, and others were simply ones that joined for help, support, and connection through relationship. In my talk I was just sharing our road and dropping nuggets of how it happened not from a growth model or a plan, but just because we wanted to pour out and share and raise up others and impart into them the abilities and tools to help them step into their God given gifts and callings. We weren’t concerned with growth or numbers but were concerned with people and pouring into them as Christ poured into those around him. It was all based on relationship in deeds, not just words. We did what we said and lived as we said we wanted to live. It was relational, real, and organic, people first not personal vision first.

It was called the ‘no name movement’ because no one person was the leader or the point person or the famous one or the anointed one or the visionary. We all moved forward as a collective.”

In this season the Lord has given us a go ahead to bring together others who have a common vision for house church. We want to begin to lay of foundation of prayer, and encouragement to see this dream on the Father’s heart come forth.

It is not our desire to establish a denomination or anything like that, but to encourage those who have had a vision for house church; those who are doing it now and feel isolated, or those who have felt like they would like to explore this option in the future.

We feel that in this season the Lord is saying to us that this is the time to reach the lost, and we believe he will use house churches to draw people to himself, those who would not naturally step into a church.

We would love to connect with others in our region that share this same vision to see the kingdom come through house churches.

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